Folgendes erreicht mich per Mail und wird mit Zustimmung des Absenders gepostet:

To Ralf Huls;
Greetings M'lord, my name is Lord Jorka the Dark, (mka Joe Petruska). I live in the Barony of Saint Swithins Bog, in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc. This is a kingdom in the SCA. (Johnstown, Pennsylvania U.S.A.). I had picked up a few coins at various events over the years, (some as pay in my mercenary days, some gambling and then I got a few of the St. Hildagard coppers at Pennsic). But about two years ago, I began to try to collect as many different types of SCA and LARP coinage as possible. I also began making a catalog of the coins, with background info on each. I know this is basically an impossible task, but I am having a lot of fun tracking down the coins and identifying them. lol
I include scans or photographs of each coin in my collection. Or if I don't actually own the coin, I ask for a pic from the owner. I would like to include pics of the coins that you have, (along with any information you could provide). Would that be possible?
I found your archive photos of coins at Larpwiki very interesting. I am trying to collect coins from different LARP kingdoms. I don't know if you are interested: but do you have any extras or other coins you would be willing to trade/barter/sell ? I am always looking to expand my collection. I have some coins to trade, but I have also traded other things (such as: fur, leather, books, feast gear, metal buttons) for them. Can you or do you know any of your people who would help me to get these kinds of coins? I would be willing to swap for them or buy the coins if someone would act on my behalf. I would be grateful for any assistance. Any information you are willing to share will be appreciated. If you know anyone else who might have coins, please pass my message along or send me their info, and I will contact them. Thank you.
I hope to hear from you soon.
In Service, I Remain;
Lord Jorka the Dark